The Two Best Health Apps on your Phone

March 31, 2015 Gary No comments exist

There are thousands of health apps available on your mobile phone’s app store. They can help you with all sorts of different things, from monitoring your sleep to telling you how far you’ve ran and how fast. The possibilities will only increase as technology does, so which ones are the best?

Health app

Some of the more complicated apps can get quite costly, but the two apps I want to talk about are free. In fact I have no doubt that you already have them on your phone because they come pre-installed. No I’m not talking about apples abomination of a health app attempt in Health, it’s something even simpler than that.


The first app is your calendar app. Google Cal, iCal or whatever you use, that’s the first app that’s going to transform your fitness.

ios iCal app

Here’s how you use it for it’s secret function:


Open the app, look at your week then decide when there is a time where you are free from other commitments every week. Click that time and schedule in ‘1 Hour Workout’ or ‘Gym Session’ or ‘Exercise Class’ or whatever else you’ve been thinking about starting regularly. Once you’ve done that, scroll down to ‘Repeat Every Week’ and check that box. Finally, select to ‘Remind me 30 minutes before’ and then you’re done.


Now you have an app that will tell you when to exercise every week, and it’s in your calendar so you can’t accidentally forget or book something else in. Do this 2 or 3 more times and build that exercise habit!


The second app is your Alarm Clock. Settle down, I know you already use this every morning. This is once again an alternative use for it. You usually use it every morning to wake up. Well it’s secret use is for the exact opposite. You use it to tell you when to go to sleep!

iOS Alarm Clock Health App

Here’s how you use it for it’s secret function:


Look at all of the morning alarms you have set now. It makes you tired just seeing those times. Well, now you’re are going to make sure you never have a lack of sleep before that annoying buzzer goes off again. For every alarm time you are seeing, set another alarm for exactly 8.5 hours earlier, press edit and make it say ‘Go To SLEEP’. Now, every time this alarm goes off make sure you stop whatever you are doing and you start your night time rituals. Brush your teeth, go up to bed, read your book for 15 minutes then go to sleep.


Now you have an app that will prevent you from feeling like a zombie all day because you stayed up too late watching The Walking Dead. Use it properly, agree to stop what you are doing and go to bed whenever you hear that alarm and this will transform your health. There’s no substitute for feeling well rested and wide awake. After a few weeks of getting a regular 8 hours you will feel amazing.


Will you try using these apps in this way? Do you have any mobile phone tips to share? Feel free to comment below.



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