How to Lose Weight and Stick to your Goals in 2017

January 6, 2017 Gary



My first post of 2017 is all about making sure you know how to set your goals so you can stop making all the same mistakes you made last year. And now there’s a Video to go with it…

A quick list for the points in the video to help you with setting your goals:


Don’t go all or nothing when making a plan – You will eat unhealthy foods every now and then and that’s nothing to worry about. Pizza is good. Too much is bad. Give yourself a break.


Measure what you control – If you simply go off what the scales say you might get disappointed. Measure things like how often you hit your planned workouts and how often you ate a healthy breakfast. Simply TRACK your weight loss to see what is most effective for you.


Schedule, Plan and Prepare – You need a plan and your brain needs everything to be clear. Don’t waste mental energy every day deciding. You should already know so your actions can become automatic.


Don’t set the bar too high – When New Year rolls around many people try to be PERFECT. Eat nothing but healthy food, workout, meditate, do yoga, stretch, get 8 hours of sleep etc. It just gets exhausting. Here’s the secret ‘NOBODY does that!’ Not even that girl you follow on Instagram who has all of those nice looking breakfasts. Aim to just implement one or two small things each week and go from there.


Adapt as you go – As things become automatic it is then that you start adding things in, increasing the intensity and increasing the challenge. Still just add one thing at a time and go from there.


I hope this helps you out. Let me know in the comments what your goals are this year and what habit you want to start to achieve those goals.